Update to NextCloud 12.03 /var/www Permissions error

Hi all,

I apologize if this is a simple question just wanted to ask this before I start changing parts of my NextCloud install as it has been running great. Today I logged into my installation and went to update to 12.03 from the UI updater but received the follow error.

Check for write permissions


Do I just need to make www-data the owner of these so that it can write the update? Thanks for the help in advance.

at least www-data should have full access.
so - ya - why not making www-data owner?

It was only a thought, I am not as good as others at knowing all the in’s and out’s of linux and apache. Like I said I apologize if it’s a bad question I am just looking for some direction as I don’t want to break something that is already running, just wanted to install the update. To my understanding there is no real reason that www-data should ever have full access to these files as I understand that to be a security issue. My understanding is that www-data only should have read access to these files but again not having as much knowledge as others I was just looking for help or direction.

it’s ok to hesitate. don’t worry.
we can wait for someone to jump in here :slight_smile:

The old thinking was the file permissions need to be hardened and whatnot, however more recently this has been considered redundant and the strong permissions script retired, so as a web application, please grant www-data ownership over the install and you’ll not see these errors again :slight_smile:

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Thank you to both for hopping in and helping. I have one more question, I went ahead and using the path that was posted in the error above at /var/www/nextcloud/updater. From there I gave www-data ownership of updater folder with chown -R www-data /var/www/nextcloud/updater and then checked to make sure it was the owner and it is. I tried to update and received the same error. Then I thought oh! i forgot the change permissions so I gave it 700 R,W,X for just the owner since the owner is www-data no reason to open it farther. I used chmod 700 -R path referenced above then verified that took place and tried again. Same error, I am sure I am doing something wrong just not sure what. I appreciate the help and direction from all.

ummm… the whole/var/www/nextcloud-folder should be owned by www-data


Thanks for the reply, some of the folders in /var/www/nextcloud were actually owned by root. Changing /var/www/nextcloud to www-data as owner fixed the issue.

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Hi Jason

I migrated files from a Synology installation using rsync (updated the database correctly afterwards). I am using Docker and owner is abc not www-data (linuxserver.io implementation). I noticed my files/folders had all different permissions so without realising the strong permissions topic was no longer recommended I changed all folders/files except .htaccess (x2) to 0750 (folders) and files to 0640 (htaccess permissions I set to root:abc and 0644). When new folders get created the folder and file clearly has a different permission.
I searched the admin manual and could not find what should be the standard default permissions and what script etc sets them. If I want to go back on all files/folders what should I do and does this apply also to .htaccess. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.