Update in process

Unfortunately, I can not log into the Nextcloud and so I do not know the version of the Nextcloud. The Nextcloud is hosted by my webspace provider, so I do not know the OS (Linux) and Apache version either.

PHP version: 7.1.11

My issue:
I’ve started the Automatic Update and it hangs since 1 hour at “Update in process” if I call the Cloud via my browser (mywebspace.com/nextcloud)

2018-05-08T17:49:49+0200 Cc0BblDsfq [info] end of verifyIntegrity()
2018-05-08T17:49:49+0200 Cc0BblDsfq [info] endStep(“6”)
2018-05-08T17:49:49+0200 dx4sz9lMSq [info] request to updater
2018-05-08T17:49:49+0200 dx4sz9lMSq [info] currentStep()
2018-05-08T17:49:49+0200 dx4sz9lMSq [info] Step 6 is in state “end”.
2018-05-08T17:49:49+0200 dx4sz9lMSq [info] POST request for step "7"
2018-05-08T17:49:50+0200 dx4sz9lMSq [info] startStep(“7”)
2018-05-08T17:49:50+0200 dx4sz9lMSq [info] extractDownload()
2018-05-08T17:49:50+0200 dx4sz9lMSq [info] storage location: /www/htdocs/xxx/cloud/data/updater-ocy1zfqa5var/downloads/
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 dx4sz9lMSq [info] end of extractDownload()
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 dx4sz9lMSq [info] endStep(“7”)
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] request to updater
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] currentStep()
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] Step 7 is in state “end”.
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] POST request for step "8"
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] startStep(“8”)
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] replaceEntryPoints()
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] replace index.php
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] replace status.php
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] replace remote.php
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] replace public.php
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] replace ocs/v1.php
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] replace ocs/v2.php
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] end of replaceEntryPoints()
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 TsgSMfXk75 [info] endStep(“8”)
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] request to updater
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] currentStep()
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] Step 8 is in state “end”.
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] POST request for step "9"
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] startStep(“9”)
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] deleteOldFiles()
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] config sample exists
2018-05-08T17:49:51+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] themes README exists
2018-05-08T17:49:52+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] end of deleteOldFiles()
2018-05-08T17:49:52+0200 ZCHVRaxZK9 [info] endStep(“9”)

-> Current Time: 19:00 (7 pm)

Unfortunately, after not receiving any help in this forum and google did not help too, I had to remove the whole cloud. Therefore, I will use another cloud solution in the future, because I do not want to be afraid at every update that the cloud does not work again. Fortunately, I was able to restore the data.

If anyone can recommend a stable cloud solution with a large community, I am very grateful.

Sorry for my bad english and have a nice day =)

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In such cases you can always try a manual upgrade. But without terminal console you are a bit limited with hosting environments and for a growing cloud (more data, database upgrade will take longer and longer and you risk to run into timeouts) it’s better to use vserver or other products.

Nextcloud/ownCloud has the largest community in terms of php clouds. There is pydio based on php: https://pydio.com/, for others you probably need a real server to install software (cozy or seafile). If you can transfer files to your webspace via sftp, you can directly mount that storage in Linux/macOS (not sure if there is a free windows version for a drive).

Or if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can use Nextcloud on an ARM device (raspberry pi 3 or more powerful: Best cheap hardware to run Nextcloud on?) and use nextcloudplus.com (linux-images based on raspbian which are ready to run Nextcloud).

I just ran into this issue as well. Updating from 15.0.8 to 15.0.10.
How could I solve this? I tried removing the .step file, but that did not work.

The content of the .step file was:

That’s a different version and without more specific logs, it’s hard to say if it is the same issue. Please use a new topic.

I found this on the bug tracker: