Uninstalled Desktop App

Every time I restart my computer, there’s a new update for the app, which forces me to restart my computer again.

Annoying beyond belief.

Just wanted to share my annoyance and why I’m done with your desktop app.

Hello @rannday !

It’s a shame that you are no longer satisfied with the app.
There are already some discussions with the same problem:

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And yes, it can sometimes be annoying to always restart the computer/laptop, but I think a restart never hurts.

The only time it’s stupid is when I turn on the computer and am then immediately asked to restart it. Then you simply have to select during installation that you want to do this later.

I started a thread on this back in 2022:


For me, action by my clients have solved it.

Looks like you are not starting your computer very often SCNR.
btw. id does not force you. You can do the reboot whenever you like.

Hopefully this will be improved soon.