Unable to access the log reader


I am using Nextcloud 24.

When I go to Applications, it says that Log Reader is well installed.

But when I go to Parameter > Administration > Journalisation (which is the french name for Log Reader I guess), I can see the list of logs being flashed quickly and then the page remains blank… I don’t know how to access the logs…

I have not found any similar problem on this forum…

Thanks for your help !

Take a look at this: Log viewer empty after upgrade to Nextloud 24.0.0 - #5 by mritzmann

The logs are stored on disk. You can read them from the console if necessary.

Thank you for your answers.

I have tried to perform what is suggested in the link provided by @matle, i.e. delete the file nextcloud.log, and modify the file config.php to set the loglevel to 2, but it does not solve the issue…