Troubles connecting to CalDAV with MacOS

I am having troubles connecting my CalDAV calendar to the Apple Calendar application in macOS 10.11.5. I go through System Preferences -> Internet Accounts -> CalDAV Account. I have tried both the manual and advanced option and I have tried both the steps in the documentation as well as most other combinations such as the macOS/iOS CalDAV, plain CalDAV link, and pointing to a specific calendar.

Has anyone gotten their calendar to sync up fine with Apple Calendar?

Try to put just the domain name.

I have this in my mobileconfig that works with iOS:


That doesn’t work I’m afraid. I got CalDAV to integrate first try on my iPhone, but macOS simply won’t take it. Not sure if it’s a bug or an incompatibility or what. I’ve tried

all of those both in manual and advanced mode trying as many combinations possible

Could you do a last try:

(I have a rule to rewrite http call to https)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just a quick questions if this has been solved or is a known issue, because i run into same problem - works fine on iOS like iPhone, but wont get it to run on Mac OS X desktop calendar…

I still can’t get it and am looking for a solution…my current solution is I outgrew my MacBooks hardware (bought 4GB and 120GB SSD model) and am going to get a Linux laptop instead because I do a lot more work with Linux :grin: I hope to find some way to get this to work before I get rid of it. So far nothing

Actually in my case some more extensive rewrite rules seemed to help to get me closer to a solution, see this thread (the threat, not just the last post which is shown here):