TOTP And Desktop Sync Client

I’ve enabled TOTP for account access through the browser on v10 but now what is happening is that my desktop sync client is asking me for password to connect to Nextcloud. I enter the same password I use for the web (minus the TOTP obviously) and it won’t allow me to connect the sync client. It simply keeps prompting me for a password. I’ve verified that this is the correct password.

Does enabling TOTP on the Personal page disable the Windows sync client?

Well you have to generate an “app password” on the personal page, and use that as a “password” in the desktop client.

Step 1

Step 2

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That’s awesome! Thanks for this. This is what I was missing.

I don’t know if I’m just being dumb, but if I now try to do that (that is crating an app password, and then use my username and that password to log in to in my case the FolderSync app for android) it just gives me an error and says “handshake error”. I’d love to be able to use FolderSync and Nextcloud together while having 2fa enabled.