Totally stuck sharing directories between users via group configuration

The system is Fedora 32 with Nextcloud 18. I am totally stuck sharing a directory between two groups. This is a migration from OwnCloud. I was able to create a two users, the first user with access to 2 directories, A and B. The second user with access only to directory B. I recall this was done through groups. There does not appear to be an option to assign a directory to a group. I cannot find any configuration options for groups beyond creating them and editing them in the admin user page. Is there something I am missing? Is there a way to assign a directory to a group?
When I create the directories they are visible to the first user. However without the group configuration option there does not appear to be a way to make the directory visible to the second user.
Is there something I am missing? How can a directory configuration be extended to include association with a group?
Thank you in advance. Dan

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So, not sure if I got all you wrote.

Are you aware of:

Thank you. That appears to be a start. The APP says ‘files may be configured from the admin settings’. I have tried to do that by logging is as admin and go to settings from the lower left panel. There is nothing in that menu to configure a directory as ‘group’. Is there a different ‘admin’ settings?

Did you install the app?

Yes. The app is installed. The group folder icon shows up in the admin settings menu. It appears as though a new folder may be created. However it does appear that an existing folder may be edited to be part of a group. Is there an app that allows admin to view folders from users? This is the way group sharing worked in level 10. That allowed admin to manage groups for users.

Additional information and constraints: The data already exists in different user directories. What does the process look like to create shared directories and then allow multiple users, all members of the group, to upload data?

  1. Create a groupfolder as admin
  2. Add your groups
  3. Add your contents / move your existings user content to group folder
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