Today update failed

I tried to update from the version 24.07 to the actual version 25 with the builtin updater. After backup, download and delete the old files I click to continue with the webupdater and get a white screen. The log file has 8 lines with the same text:

[02-Dec-2022 15:06:59 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Declaration of OCA\Talk\Share\RoomShareProvider::getSharesInFolder($userId, OCP\Files\Folder $node, $reshares): array must be compatible with OCP\Share\IShareProvider::getSharesInFolder($userId, OCP\Files\Folder $node, $reshares, $shallow = true) in /home/kno2363/public_html/cloud/apps/spreed/lib/Share/RoomShareProvider.php on line 520

What can I do?

The same as this topic?

Yes, it seems as it is the same.
Now I made a complete new installation with other problems.