This forum is EXTREMELY slow

I checked the ping for my site and for the forum. The pings are comparable - a little over 200 ms from America (Brazil is part of America :laughing: ).

Maybe an even better example is to use one of my sites that is not using a CDN

I will do some tests and try to figure out a little more.

for me in Germany it is right now very fast and loads instantly. but quite often loading takes ages and then I am leaving the forum to visit a different site in the meantime before visiting the forum

I did a performans test (dev tool) in Firefox. Total load: 118 seconds. That is a bit long.

The fact that even people in Germany experience the slow load means we can totally disregard different areas of the world as a reason. It is definitely inside the hosting center or their infrastructure.

Time to call support or look at a new server/center.

@blizzz Please see this thread. Thanks.

try it over VPN?

I have no issues at all with site speed, it loads fast for me from The US

No real issues as well for me, I’m located in Amsterdam though so not really that far away either from the hosting servers. There has only been one time when I had issues reaching the forums and that was about a week or so ago :thinking:

It was only affecting my laptop but not my mobile device, whenever I tried to connect to the forum on the laptop that day I got an error “Site could not be found, possible it has moved location or is under maintenance”

This is not related to the distance. If you have read the thread, you see that I have websites at the same server host that this forum uses and I have no problem with the access to those.
Also, users in Europe experience the same problem. But it seems to be completely random who experiences this.
The biggest problem is that this completely ruins the purpose of the forum. I have been lookinig all over to find alternatives because I do not have the time to wait two minutes for a page to appear. So I decided to try to get some attention to this problem and help in any way I can to try to find out what causes it.

One thing I did notice is that adding a comment here updated really fast. But that does not require a full page reload. That might also say something about the cause of the problem.

I logged on via my private VPN in Norway, and the forum suddenly responds way quicker - just the way it should. BUT - this has nothing to do with distance. Remember - I have the same latency to the forum - it is just routed in a different manner. I am still sitting in Brazil. So distance is not an issue. But the routing might definitely be.
Norway has pretty good connections to the internet. So does USA. BUT - we do not know if anyone in Norway or USA experiences the problem until the managers of the forum goes out and ask publicly.
It would actually be nice to see someone from the tech people of the forum interact with those of us that experience this problem. I am not here to complain (well - I kinda am :smile: ), but more important - I am willing to put in time to help solve the problem. If this problem gets solved for me, it will be solved for many others as well.

A good idea, and it made a difference. Which means that this definitely has something to do with routing. See my reply a bit further down.

Very good!
The problem is solved? :slight_smile:

Do you mean that instead of solving the problem, everyone that experience this problem should use a VPN?

I think it is pretty clear from what I have written that this just helps pointing at where the problem might be. But more investigation is needed and the admins of the forum needs to find out where the problem is. :smile:

I think so.
Bad routes are the most problematic problem with poor connection.

Well, first we need to narrow down exactly what the problem is. What we know so far:

  1. Distance is not a problem. It occurs for people in Europe too. And the fact that it works better via VPN proves that.
  2. It mostly affects situations that require a full page load. Adding a comment in a forum is fast.
    3 It does not seem to be related to “rush hour” for the forum. It has been like this for me no matter what time of day.
  3. I am hosting websites at the same server provider. I do not experience the same problems as the forum.

VPN is not a solution. It is a band aid while we are figuring out the real source of the problem and fix it. BUT - what should the users in Europe do that encounter this problem? Randomly try different VPN’s until they find one that works better? :smile: :smile: :smile:

The forum is definitely receiving a lot of traffic and a good place to ask for suggestions for improving access latency would be unless staff here have other suggestions. :+1:

I hear you. But the only thing we can do here is observe what is happening and volunteer to help figuring out things. The real job has to be made by a tech or group of tech’s that has access to the admin part of this forum software and can log into the server that it is running on. And also communicate with the server host. I think we have come as far as we can, but we have not really had any feedback from the Nextcloud people.

What we need now is that staff in the forum escalates this to the right people and that they reach out here.

And btw - I don’t know how you define latency, but in my book, 118 seconds is more than just latency.

What part of the world are you connecting to the site from?

Any sort of linked speed test metrics would be helpful from any of you experiencing issues.

I am connecting from Brazil. Both my websites and this forum (hosted by Hetzner) has similar ping - a little over 200 ms.

But this has nothing to do with the distance. I could repeat the info for you here, but it is all available throughout this thread. Just scan through it.

I have the same problem. My situation is that it take couple minutes to get into the first page when I visit But it is very smooth if I visit this site via Tor Browser.

Plus Oceanwatcher’s experience, the fact is that this site is very slow from certain places of the world.