Talk High Performance Backend Build Error Ubuntu 20.04


i tried to build the new open source high performance backend on ubuntu 20.04.

i installed go (1.13), extracted the and tried make build. Result:
root@ubuntu-1:/home/hank/nextcloud-spreed-signaling-master# make build
[ ! -d “/home/hank/nextcloud-spreed-signaling-master/.git/hooks” ] || ln -sf “/home/hank/nextcloud-spreed-signaling-master/scripts/pre-commit.hook” “/home/hank/nextcloud-spreed-signaling-master/.git/hooks/pre-commit”
GOPATH="/home/hank/nextcloud-spreed-signaling-master/vendor:/home/hank/nextcloud-spreed-signaling-master" /usr/bin/go get
/home/hank/nextcloud-spreed-signaling-master/scripts/ src/signaling/continentmap.go
make: /home/hank/nextcloud-spreed-signaling-master/scripts/ Command not found
make: *** [Makefile:56: src/signaling/continentmap.go] Error 127

i cant find the continentmap.go in src/signaling in my directory or on github. Maybe anyone got an idea?

I think you should post this in the official github repo instead.