Talk do not show video and no sound

After I installed Talk I tried to use this app. My Problem is that I only get a black screen where the stream from an other should be.
I tried Firefox to Firefox. Android Talk to Firefox, Mobiile Firefox to Android Talk. Every time the same situation. How could I get it work?

Do you have TURN installed and configured?

No I don’t have

Well, that would be a good first step.

If possible I would like to use it without a separate TURN server because I only have a PHP server. Have no problem if I only be able to use it inside Nextcloud.

This discussion can help you understand how Talk works and why you may need TURN server

Hm… that seems strange. There is no description in of talk about a needed Stun/Turn .

Also there is no error message about problems for connection or any hint that the requirements not fit. Are you sure there is a need for that as external App and no already integrated one?


You don’t need TURN server if all users are on the same network and can establish peer-to-peer connection.
If someone is behind NAT or Firewall you need TURN server.

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Created a Feature request based on this.