Talk + coTurn scaling more than 5-10 users with small bandwidth

on github i found a description about scaling & performance of talk. : In brief it says with the community edition video-confs are limited to smallest upload bandwidth of each and all participants.
I tested with a coTurn server and though we all had at least 10Mbit upload we got into trouble when connecting more that four participants. Is there any idea how to increase amount of people participating concurrently without buying the performance backend? is there any open source available? I would like to play with such an “Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)” to verify if it fits my needs.

Yes, search for jitsi…

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haha, thanks. I know jitsi. I did not know i can combine jitsi and Nextcloud Talk ?

You can’t.
Just use Talk for one to one meetings and jitsi for others.
Can run your own jitsi server, customize homepage…

ha, that’s a pitty. I want to use NC as a one-for-all solution. But thanks anyway !

You can support this issue on Github if you want to make it possible:

you are not alone.

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Hello Reiner,
thanks for your warm words. I already know Jitsi and i am exerimenting with it already. Anyway i love Nextcloud and I really prefer to set up on what Frank Karlitschek’s team and the community is building here.

Many scaling problems should be solved by 8.0.9, released last week - it adjusts quality based on the nr of participants, among other things. A typical network and hardware setup should handle 5-10 people.

The signalling back-end is now also open source, so you can give that a try.


Does that mean, I can get rid of coturn and install nextcloud-spreed-signaling for better integration and performance ?

That’s how it sounds to me…

With this release Nextcloud admits that for the old (prior to 8.0.9) version of Talk even 5-people conference was a stretch. Now (the 8.0.9) and the upcoming Talk 9 in NC19 will handle 5-10 people by itself. If you need more, you still don’t need to pay, just figure out how to install and configure the backend…

So lets wait for the first ones creating howtos and even packages to be installed easily on the systems.
Would love to see better NC Talk integration, because coTurn more often then I expected makes problems I am unable to troubleshoot.

It looks like we are already there!

Started here

cannot wait for good documentation helping me setting this up on my debian system :slight_smile:

Well, you could dig in and write that documentation yourself, if you can’t wait :wink:

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you are totally right, but I hope others are more knowledgeable than me :wink:

Here is the tutorial from @morph027: