Survey client notification going to wrong URL

In the NC10 RC1 version I can see a icon for the survey. When opening and clicking on any of the links it tries to go to IP address of the server (which is behind a proxy so won’t work on public internet. What I get is:

jquery.js:8561 Refused to connect to because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “connect-src ‘self’”.

Where the IP should use the domain name. I can resolve this to go to the local subnet and click on it, but it should also work from anywhere. Instead of IP the proper hostname/FQDN

I tried to look at the code, but can’t seem to decode how it generates the URL for the buttons. Anybody any ideas?

Seems like overwrite.cli.url was set incorrectly while installing your instance.
Can you please open an issue in the server repo for this?

I might have done that manually, since I first had it as a stand alone server. Then I changed it to be publicly accessible.

I had the overwrite.cli.url set to, which I now changed to the correct domain name. But after that change in the config.php it still doesn’t populate correctly. I have even done a cache clear and complete refresh of the page. Is this stored somewhere else also?

Just in case before going to raise an issue.

Well the URLs are stored in the notifications table. So bad luck, but have you edit the content there.

Thanks that solved it. And now have the overwrite.cli.url set correctly so hope everything is now set for the future :slight_smile:

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Where can i change this notification table to set my FQDN ?

Thank you in advance.

In the database. So if you use MySQL/MariaDB you can check:

select * from oc_notifications;

You should see an entry in regards to the survey app, with 2 links in the actions field. With me those were set to the private IP address instead of the domain name.

Hi there, i have nothing to see :

MariaDB [nextcloud]> select * from oc_notifications;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Strange isn’t it ?

Check ‘dbtableprefix’ variable in config.php file and replace ‘oc_’ prefix with yours