Suggestion about shared bulletin board application for solidarity buying group

Hi Friends,
a buying group ask to me if Nextcloud has an application for shared bulletin board like (for example) Padlet ->

With this application you should be able to do:

A) Share with the members of the group what is “collected” on the network regarding certain topics, thus avoiding sending many emails and attachments.

B) Facilitate order collection where you can enter the following information:

  • opening / closing orders
  • price list and various info regarding the economic conditions
  • address to send the orders and contacts of the contact person
  • date and method of delivery
    in a single place accessible by link to be sent by email. Users who reach the link have the opportunity to view the info and to write somewhere what I want to order, thus creating the order list to be sent to the supplier

Many thanks!


Why are you not checking the app store to get an idea which apps are available? :wink:

Eventually this app provides some of the functions you’re looking for:

Hi j-ed and thanks for your help!
Pico CMS doesn’t look like what I meant instead (thanks for your suggestion) from the market I found DECK which I believe meets my expectations :wink:

In the next day I wil perform some tests


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