Stop making new versions

It’s more like a race to release new versions as quickly as possible. First fix bugs and broken apps. What’s the point of releasing something quickly if it doesn’t work.


I agree, for example the AI tools dont work out if the box.

I also hate the version numbers. We are on 28 right now or Hub 6, and get two main versions a year. One big feature a year update would be enough. Or at least keep the versions tied to the year as several other it companies already do.


Sure, but nothing forces people to update more than roughly once a year. And the team develops for their customers first, which we all know. Other thing is most apps are not maintained by the core team, so it is what it is. Personally I prefer the open development, and choose to not update my production instance until I have tested the update, plus keep backups. :person_shrugging:


Absolutely this.

There are too many updates. Two major versions every year is just too much, and a lot of the features advertised don’t work out of the box, or immediately upon release, or are half-baked, or never work at all (whiteboard integration anyone?).
It’s just ridiculous. Stop this senseless update race, and focus on refining the product.


Even official announced features still lack development. Do you remember the announcement of Social after Musk took over Twitter? That was more than a year ago now, but bringing Nextcloud social into the Fediverse as an instance/server is still not working.


I think this post is closely related to the discussion in Nextcloud server major upgrades, is it worth it?


Agreed. The cadence is too high (for major versions).

I’d vote for major version every OTHER year.

So 4x slower, than actual model.


can we please stop this never ending and always reviving discussion.

Really, if you’r search the forum you’re gonna find several discussions like that.
So you can be sure that it’s all been said about this subject already. Really everything.

So I’m closing this thread.


Upgrading isn’t a big deal if you’re running Nextcloud in a Docker container.

“Stop making new versions”? Maybe the argument could be made “stop upgrading so often” if it bothers you. I think Nextcloud is fine. Versus how stagnant and problematic other projects can be with seeing many years pass between major updates, Nextcloud is a breath of fresh air.

In terms of fixing bugs, why not be the change you want to see and get involved? Pull requests welcome. Open source for a reason.


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