Stable debian repository

I’d wish a stable nextcloud repsitory for debian jessie.

I currently use owncloud at raspbian (arm) with the stable owncloud repository.


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I believe that the Nextcloud team have said that, for the time being, they will not be doing packaging and distribution for Nextcloud. They hope that the distributions will pick it up themselves, because it was too much work last time, taking the team’s time away from developing the core platform itself. Nextcloud is pretty easy to install on Debian as compared to using a repo (or .deb) - all you do different is that you have to manually extract to your /var/www directory and edit the config files yourself.

Also see Will Nextcloud be "inviting" to distribution packages?

But if I remember correctly, the owncloud packages are removed forcefully from ubuntu because they could not be updated in time.

I would switch to nextcloud, but not without a repository.

Yes, but it was because an old version with known vulnerabilities was shipped.

You will have to wait a bit and see if anyone provides a repo with Nextcloud packages. Until then, you should remain with owncloud 9.0 (do not update to 9.1) which is still supported for about 1 year.

ok, I temporary switched from stable to:

Can you elaborate on this. We upgraded to 9.1 already and considering to use nextcloud once there is a stable debian repo. Thank you.

I guess, waht @tflidd had in mind when suggesting to stick to OC9 was that migrating to Nextcloud is supported for OC 9.0 (as it is the same codebase) but not necessarily for OC 9.1 since this was the first OC version after development took different paths.

You can of course still change to Nextcloud, but not necessarily using a supported “easy update/migrate” kind of way.

Actually, you will probably have a migration path for OC 9.1 to the future NC 10: Migrating from Owncloud 9.1 to Nextcloud

BTW I did just find this:

Is it helpful?

thx, but there is no arm version for the raspberry

Is this repository trustable?

I’m sorry, I have no idea about either…

here’s a blog by the dude who made them:


Thanks for reaching out to me…I’m going to build and test a universal package and let you know. In the end, it’s just an archive with some php stuff inside, so not really platform dependant :wink:

On the other side, i’ve created the initial archive for easy updating. Which now also works with the internal Nextcloud updater.

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Ok, i’ve changed architecture to all. Repo now has 11.0.0.

I probably should add some backup tasks to keep up with the official updater :wink:


Sorry, right now it’s down (my router crashed). Needs to be reset when i’m at home.

OK, Internet is broken :frowning: But you can fetch the package from Gitlab build pipeline for now:

Internet and repo is up again…If there’s more demand, we should probably think about some official repo. I’m willing to contribute and/or maintain it.


An official repository would be awesome.

What do you think, is it possible?

@morph027, can you make an repository for Ubuntu please?

@morph027 AWESOME work :wink:

@ka223 that’s not a bad idea at all, but what is official… We don’t really want to provide packages as Nextcloud - distro’s should be doing it. But I want to promote what @morph027 did and allow ppl to find it, so I will at least put a link to his repo on our install page :wink: