[Solved] Wrong admin password

Nextcloud by default uses a database to store most of the required information, except some basic settings taken from config.php file, so it wouldn’t help to download any core file in advance of changing the password.

If I have database file from previous backup would it be possible to restore it just by replacing the file on the hosting?

Just to update. I have uploaded the backed up data folded to the server. And all access was granted to all account immediately. It few moments I was kicked off the account and all my attempts login ended up with “Wrong password” again. This is disaster. Dear developers, does anybody knows why is that?

Dear Admin,
Why it is solved if in fact there is no solution?

Just in case anyone get lost as me, here’s the full explanation of this code: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/15/admin_manual/configuration_user/reset_admin_password.html You saved my day! thanks!