[Solved, sadly] Advice for potential user

I’m thinking of installing NextCloud on a home (debian stretch) server but am unclear from the website whether it is a good match for what I want; I’d appreciate any advice before I start heading off in the wrong direction!

I’m looking for a system which will, in order of priority:

  • provide me with webmail (I have a local imap server), preferably with a mobile client or mobile-optimized view (I currently use Roundcube which really isn’t ideal for mobile)
  • Provide a shared calendar
  • Provide a bookmark server
  • Let me back up music, books and photos

I think most of this is done by NextCloud Groupware, but can’t work out from the website whether that is a separate commercial product? Or whether I need to install the NextCloud base system and then add additional applications? Or are my requirements just not a very good fit for NextCloud?

Thanks for any advice


hey graham…
i’m trying to answer your questions as good as i possibly could…

  • webmail? you could install a rainloop-app. which is supporting views for mobile clients as well. but it’s just to check your emails and answer them. not to manage your accounts…
  • shared calendars? yes
  • bookmark server? no and yes. a very basic bookmark-app is available. but so far w/o support of directories and such. and i’m afraid… no “server” at all. but they are working on it.
  • backup? well… of course you could upload your data to your (local) NC-instance but NC isn’t a whatsoever “backup”-thingy.

best would be you’d take a look to @JasonBayton’s demo-instances of NC here --> Demo instances of 9, 10, 11 and 12 now live

hope that’ll answer your questions… at least a bit.
good luck

Hi Jimmy

Thanks for taking the time to answer. Sounds like NextCloud isn’t really a good fit for what I want - I’ll carry on searching.

Thanks again


what a pity.

anyways - would you mark this thread “solved” then?