Snap: Setting up external storage (local)

So I’m quite new to both Linux and Nextcloud I did work with Owncloud for a couple of lessons a while back at school but I wanted to set up a storage server using a spare HP Proliant ML350 G6 I still had laying around.

Now my issue is that it’s saying my configuration to some local drives is invalid. Firstly I tried them when they were NTFS (in case I needed to use them in another system if issues arose and such) and they did show up and Nextcloud accepted them as a valid configuration but they gave permission errors (tried somethings but couldn’t seem to fix it). Then I formated them as Ext4 to make sure there weren’t any issues with the drive type. Now Nextcloud just keeps telling me it’s an invalid configuration.

According to this issue it’s because of the way snap works. If this is the case does dev mode actually do work if so how do I enable/use it? If it’s really not recommended are there any alternatives to get around this issue? Or will I just need to set up Nextcloud from scratch?

I only set everything up a couple of days ago so should be using the newest version of (snap) Nextcloud and ZorinOS

Check this out, may be will help: Local External Storage not working?

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Thanks, I’ll check it out when I have some time.

I ended up setting the primary folder NextCloud uses to store data to that of another drive. I do not exactly remember how since I did this a while back but I somehow fixed it not using the secondary drive shortly after.

(Again not entirely sure what the fix was if I ever come across it again I will post it here in the meantime I’ll just set this answer as the solution)