Since update to 27.1.0 i get log errors "OC\User\NoUserException: Backends provided no user object"

Same here … That is breaking cron.php as well.

concerning the milestone schedule there could be a solution in upcoming 27.1.5

So i’ll wait and see … it’s christmas time :wink:


Same thing in 27.1.5. :frowning:

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yes, because they didn’t change / modify the groupfolders app as well with the due of NC 27.1.5

Can’t see any reason why …?

Links for reference:
OC\User\NoUserException: Backends provided no user object · Issue #19647 · nextcloud/server · GitHub (Closed as dup)

Issue to follow

Groupfolders is an app which isn’t part of the server bundle.
So release cycles are independent.

That’s why i mentioned it by “… the groupfolders app as well …” :wink:

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Group Folders 15.3.3 - all ok. No error.

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