Signature- Advertising for Nextcloud

Why there is a signature as advertising for nextcloud in the footer on SHARED pages in my Nextcloud?
Picture attached.signature

I think, it’s there, because nextcloud GmbH wants to advertise it.

But You can switch it off in your config.php. Just insert

'simpleSignUpLink.shown' => false,


This is tremendously rude and a ridiculous marketing trick.

I thought I left ownCloud for these kind of strange programming actions. Horrible. An option in config.php is just discouragement policy. It should’ve been A QUESTION in the NC 14 update progress! It’s not even in the changelog.

I think it’s mean and I just can’t follow what they must have been thinking.


Where can I turn this advertising off on NextcloudPi?

Anyone a idea?

@max18 There is no advertising in NCP, I have not seen any, ever!?
Please share screenshot if you have, but answer would be same, I presume…


But where is the config located at NextCloud Pi?
I found a nextcloud directory which contains a config.php, but also as sudo I can not open it.

Weird, I do not get that ad…were did you install from?

config is at


same as in normal Nextcloud installation.

To edit I use:

sudo nano /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php

Added the parameter to config and the ad is now away :).

Thank you

Looks like this does not exist anymore in NC21 as far as I can see.