Show pdf native in nextcloud android app

Hi Devs,

it would be nice to have pdfs displayed nativly in the android nextcloud app (like txt files)

There are a lot of viewers out there but they all have terrible privacy settings so probably you could incloude one in the nextcloud app.

Thanks for considering.

What about installing the PDF viewer app. Although the latest supported version is shown as v13 you can patch the file (files_pdfviewer/appinfo/info.xml) to get the v15 supported.

Hi @j-ed ,

Thanks for the quick response.

1, Now that you mention it the PDF Viewer App is installed but I am not sure anymore if it is used if I open a pdf Document in firefox browser since other pdfs open the same way even if I am not inside nextcloud.

2, I did not mean opening a pdf in Browser. I want to open a pdf in the SmartPhone Android Nextcloud App without being ask from the system which preinstalled app I want to use. Therefore opening it natively inside of nextcloud android app.

I am open to suggestions.

Thank you.

  1. The PDF viewer app shows the file contain within the Nextcloud screen so you should be able to see if it’s activated/used or not.

  2. The Android Nextcloud app aim is file synchronization. For all other function it relies on the Android app environment. As always it is better to focus on the main competency than blowing-up the app by trying to implement functions that other apps are better in. Therefore you will always need other 3rd-party apps to show e.g. PDF files, sync contacts and calendars or read Nextcloud news etc.

Hi @j-ed ,

1, ok thanks.

2, Ok, I understand that although it would be nice.


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which third part app can i install to view pdf file in nextcloud in android phone - I have google pixel 2 xl

Just search the play store for “pdf viewer” and a couple of apps should pop-up on your screen :wink:

Thank you for your respons4e.
I have installed the nextcloud android app in the google pixel 2 xl and was wondering if the pdf files can be open in the nextcloud app itself without having any other apps to be installed. This is a work phone that I am trying to set up and would like to have the files only in one platform.

Due to the fact that a mass of different file formats exists it won’t be possible to include all kind of functions to display all of them within the Nextcloud app. It is always better to focus on the core competences and let others do what they can do best :wink:

Hi @m_j

I can recommend this app…

A lightweight PDF viewer that doesn’t need any permissions. It is from the developer of GraphneOS. A hardened Android system designed for maximum security and It is completely OpenSource. You can find more information about it here…

But does this allow to do edits

You asked about viewing?

No it does not unfortunately.

Right the pdf viewer that is preinstalled in nextcloud web browser allow me to also edit the files
But anyways I got help i have installed

Mind to share what you have installed? Others might be interested in your solution too…

I have install XODO pdf viewer to view the files from Nextcloud and the device is managed my Miradore so there is account restriction policies that works with them