Shared calendars ICS format available?


I have shared a calendar in NC 11 and opened the CalDAV public links. However, I didn’t find a way to import such links in e.g. OSX calendar. There are just the options to import an ICS calendar link or a CalDAV calendar with username and password.

Also in Google Calendar I couldn’t import the CalDAV link provided on the public calendar site of Nextcloud.

Is also the ICS format available? Where can I find this link (I don’t want to download it, this works fine, I wan the ics Link for the public calendar)? Or how can I use the CalDAV link without username and password?

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I have found a solution for this. You have to put ?export to the end of the WebdDAV link like here:


This link can be imported to Google calendar and OSX calendar. The provided link in the interface doesn’t work!


Thank you

I write mainly to improve the relevance of this message because it can be very useful to other people.
Indeed, this to work perfectly for me (NextCloud 11.0.4)

Thanks again


@gmoynard @Eneas

you could open an issue on github and so it would be taken care of ‘automatically’ -->

Thanks for this! For a private calendar, I removed the trailing “/”, and added the “?export”, and it worked, too.

If you right click -> copy link on export in the right upper corner you get a working link.

This worked for me too! Strange there is no way to generate a link in this format automatically. My generated calender link had /calendars rather than /public-calenders, despite the calendar being set to public.

I had to bastardise my generated link using the format you gave, to get the calendar to successfully integrate with my partners google calendar. Thanks very muchy for the solution.


I am searching for the right way to get an URL.
in your Link is a value “AD7AAHA17NA11AEA” which seems to be a token.

Where do I find this value for my install?


That is the publicuri of the according dav-share.
You can find it in the table [PREFIX]_dav_shares of the database.