Share Contact don't work on MacOS Address Book

Hi, I have a problem with the Contact app.
I have configured nextcloud with 2 user, me and my wife and I want share my contacts with her.
I have activate the option on my side and her see the share contact on her side via web, I have setup in her iOS device the account (her account) and all works fine her see his contacts and my share contacts, when I setup the same account on OSX (High Sierra) Address book she view only her contacts and don’t see my share contacts.
There is something to do specificly for OSX that I am forgotten?
Sorry for my bad english

I don’t know if it important but we have a common calendar configured in the same way, its work fine both MacOS and iOS.

See here:

No, it’s not a Mac problem, before using nextcloud I used the personal cloud and with this his work is fine.
The problem is that it only synchronizes the non-shared part, the sharing part of the phonebook is not synchronized.