Setting up an own OnlyOffice Server for Nextcloud on a seperate RaspberryPi within the same network

I would like to set up an own OnlyOffice Server on a seperate RaspberryPi which then I connect to my Nextcloud.
Currently I have a RaspberryPi running with NextcloudPi. It has an own domain hostet by no-ip and uses ports 80 and 443.
It is no problem to set up OnlyOffice for local use on the other RaspberryPi but I would like to have external access, so it must also have a domain, SSL etc…

Is there a good solution to make it work (subdomain, virtual host, reverse proxy…)?
I found this article but I am not sure how the Apache reverse proxy should actually work: Configure OnlyOffice document server for Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi ARM64 | by Chelaru Adrian | Medium

Thank you!

Hello @JanT welcome to the forum :handshake:

please use search function likely you find a solution.

As long you have only one external IP you can’t publish 2 different systems on same ports (and using port 443 is best practice for every web app). but you can host multiple systems behind reverse proxy…

The integration of OnlyOffice is the same as Collabora so this article might be useful:

Nextcloud Collabora integration

here is a post about hosting Collabora and Nextcloud on different devices:

Hello, thank you for your answer. I guess a reverse proxy is the way to go. I will try it.

It’s easier to setup Onlyoffice without reverse proxy than Collabora. In your case you have to change Onlyoffice ports 443:443 to for example 9443:443 and open port 9443 in your router/firewall.

As far as I understood, an OnlyOffice server also needs to be public accessible via SSL. So I would have two domains for one router which needs a reverse proxy

This would be a question for the OnlyOffice community support. See their docs:

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