Setting a new data directory

Hey guys, stupid question on setting the location of a data directory, I did a search but all I’m coming up with is posts regarding people changing theirs after everything is up and running and all the possible issues that can come along with that. Is it not possible to just set it to be where you want it at install time prior to it being loaded up with your data? I can’t imagine this hasn’t been asked but I’m unable to find any posts on this. This setup would be on Ubuntu Server and installation via a snap if that makes any difference.

Or see my howto, which is based on all the info of the link above:

And it is possible to set data dir at setup, maybe you overseen the possibility on web ui installation.

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I’ve seen that option in some screenshots and installation videos, but I definitely don’t have it on mine when I first run. Only difference I see is I’m installing from a snap. I’m going to do it the hard (normal) way today and see if that option shows then.

Okay for snap it might be different, I have no idea about that.