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Recently elected to the mayor’s office in my village, I successfully installed a Nextcloud server to facilitate the work of the municipal team.
And we are very satisfied with this cloud.
In this village we have 5 rooms and two video projectors to manage. I couldn’t find any documentation to add these resources to Nextcloud Calendar.

Could you please provide me with some documentation about this subject ?
Here is my configuration:
Nextcloud 19.0.3 on Ubuntu server 18.04 via Snap installation


hello @LalunePierr0t and welcome to the forum.

Congratulations to both, your new job and your first participation in the forum.

Have your tried Appointments App for your rooms/hardware? Could be the one you’d need.



Thanks for your quick reply, I will check Appointments app.
But my point is in Calendar, as I can see when I create a meeting. It mentions rooms and resources:

it seems to correspond perfectly to my needs. But I don t know how to configure it.
Have you any clue ?


i found a very old but apparently fitting thread on the forum --> Resources in calendar app

(if you’d click around all links there you’re gonna find that dev has own setup emailaddresses for rooms and gear - maybe this is a way you could follow)

Unfortunately a GUI seems not to exist yet, nor have I found any api description, although a lot of work found its way into the project. I’ve added some links below where the resource management has been discussed.

@georgehrke Would you please so kind and shed some light on the current status of this function or point us to the documentation. Thank you in advance!


Thanks for your reply. But I haven’t enough technical skills to achieve this.
I will wait for a configuration GUI.
Thanks for your time anyway.


Resource management and room booking is still interesting for me, but unfortunately the progress on this feature is not noticable in the whole forum. I tried to find a workflow with a new app called “appointments”. According to my tests it is practicable for usecases like clinic hours.
Hopefully there will be progress in this thread, someday.


Is the room booking feature part of Nextcloud 21 ?


Based on the following comment an API has been added to Nextcloud but a GUI is still missing:

This feature is part of Nextcloud Hub 22:

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Nice I will try it.
Is there a GUI installed with this app ?

No. You have to use the command line…
Some description is in the github repo and the command option --help is kind of helpful