Rocket.Chat and Nextcloud Deepen Integration

given that you’re on the user/communityforum which implies you are using a free software that came to you with absolutely NO cost it’s quite … ummm… outrageous to expect any “support” at all. Apart from the one here on the forum.

regardless of the fact that everyone needs to decide themselves whether they’re gonna use an app or not Rocket.Chat IS nothing more/less than a 3rd party app. It’s not maintained by NC in any way.

it’s wishful thinking. Of course you should expect that. But knowing NC for some time now you should be aware of their high release plan… which of course often comes with certain bugs. Keeping that in mind I myself usually don’t upgrade to new versions early. Regardless of additional apps or core NC.

I know they heard and acknowledged the problem and are already trying to communicate better (see Update Maintenance and Release schedule (with NC 24 ahead)) - let’s hope that’s the first step to improvement.

@all could we please get back on topic here?
Everyone has had their word about personal frustrations (again: they have been heard, so no need to mention them all over the place again and again), every point has been discussed.

This thread is a press release, most probably released here via a bot.
It makes perfect sense to post it on the communityforum as well for all interested ppl.
If you want further informations on some points you are on yourself to try finding some more. That’s the way it is. I don’t see anyone coming to your home explaining every app to you back and forth so that you’re best informed about what a certain app does and what not. At least not right now.

Special thanks to @bb77 for holding up the flag for NC here. Wisely answered to all and everything.


Agreed, just a quick note: From a distance and anxious to avoid any bias, I think both @bb77 and @wwe contributions are each very valuable, ultimately both showing IMHO a strong commitment to help others and towards Nextcloud. And especially coming from such engaged members of the community, critical appreciations are quite valuable to Nextcloud, I would say.

I am sure that all of us here are basically very grateful to be able to use such a great product privately and for free, and also willing to face all the technical challenges, without any question. That said, not least because of the complexity and versatility of the product, the contribution of the community is so important for Nextcloud: it helps decisively to check the product maturity and, well-managed feedback given, to avoid fiascos and if not, to react to them quickly and transparently. In this sense, I’m also one of them that think the whole process has a lot of room for improvement, starting with the setup of Beta/RC tests, announcements and communication in general, the release strategy or the handling of changes on the base product and all of the apps relaying on or interfering with it. My 2 cents here.


Because of TLDR, I don’t know if anybody answered you yet. If your question wasn’t rhetorical…
RocketChat is to Slack what Nextcloud is to Google Services. So if you know about any of the hype about Slack and all their channels and containerized pockets of thought management, RocketChat is a front-end to operate on a Matrix back end, and [matrix] is an elusive concept too.
As I understand it, it’s an internet on the Internet where its method of updating shared communications/data between complex maps of people and/or objects is the best we can hope for.

It’s getting easier to find people that stepped back from Slack and noticed it’s making us in some cases into hard-drives thrashing to keep up with requests and never taking the time to finish anything, but when we’re pressed to our distraction limits, we can’t tell that we are losing too much time swapping out our own brain’s RAM to get on one of the other most important things.

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Well said. I looked into RocketChat and got lost in all the channnels it provide. Too much for me. has nothing to do with Matrix. They are both decentralized, open source communication platforms with different code bases. Their backends are completely unrelated.


Yes. I did an idiot thing there. It started from remembering things wrong and compounded by using the wrong adjectives. My brain replaced RocketChat with Element then did a confabulation with [matrix] and said front-end when I was thinking client. Have I almost redeemed myself? :rofl: Maybe I was stoned at the time? In all the mistakes, I still described RocketChat pretty well.

No problem, don’t want to not confuse anyone. is a self hosted chat tool. Very similar to Slack, but open source and actually more robust… a nice option among other great choices from Matrix, Mattermost, etc.

Nextcloud is a self hosted file server. Similar to Google Drive, but open source… a nice option among other great choices from FileStash, Owncloud, FileRun, etc.

Connecting these services together is a nice touch. Hopefully it develops into a really solid integration beyond the current webdav filesystem support already offered.

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