[RESOLVED] Cron Jobs not working NC14.0.3

Just a note - Path that you described to Cron.php isn’t the same, but yes, everyone must set they path.

I’ve been having this problem too. I’ve started of with the example docker-compose NC installation that has a dedicated “cron” appliance. Although crond printed a convincing message every minute or so, the web interface displayed a warning that the last cron job was not executed lately enough.

I did a little bit of digging. Turns out that:

  1. Cron modifies the config file with the last run timestamp, so it needs read/write access to the NC filesystem. Currently, the example docker-compose.yml ships with a read-only permission only.
  2. It’s necessary to chmod +x cron.php. I don’t know why. I admit, it’s a bit dubious since the file in question isn’t executed directly but rather interpreted with PHP. However, adding the execute permission has made all the difference for me.

Now, crond still prints a series of log messages every minute or so, but there is more lines and the web interface is not showing the “no cron” warning anymore.

I am having the same issue. What do you do when you’ve installed Nextcloud via Snap and the filesystem (including cron.php) is read-only so you can’t set cron.php to +x?

Use this command:

chmod 744 cron.php