Repair config files of nextcloud installation

Hi all,

I currently run the following setup:

  • Unraid server
  • Nextcloud hub 25.0.1 docker image (by linuxserver)

My server had some issues a few days back, which resulted in some appdata files (or rather /config files from a nextcloud perspective) to either go corrupt or missing. I noticed some webapp behavior to act weird and think it might be because of those files being missing.

Is there a way to check and redownload missing files in my installation? I tried the occ:repair command, but that seems to just check database tables. I guess going through the web updater process would do the trick, but that requires me to wait for the next release I guess, as I dont seem to be able to trigger a reinstall from within the webgui

I don’t think you can just reinstall Nextcloud as you would a package.

Can you be more specific about your issue and what you think is wrong? Otherwise the only thing that comes to mind is to check the file list against your backup, or diff the config against your backup to see what may have changed.

Hi, thx for the response.

I started to notice that the sidebar doesn’t work as expected, giving me a 404 error in the web console.

My first thought went to my appdata folder potentially being corrupted, but as I saw a post recently of someone having the same issue this might not be the case in the end