Renaming and moving often causes uploading and downloading

Nextcloud version 11.0.3
Operating system and version Synology DSM 6.1
Apache Apache 2.4.25
PHP version 7

Replication is difficult but I have seen this error reoccurring: When I move files often they get deleted and then re-uploded in the new folder. Wouldn’t it cause less traffic if somehow the client realizes it is the same file just in a new location.

When I rename files and folders similar things already happened, but here a really concerning issue happened:

I made a few changes to folder names and changed names of files within it. The folder contained a few larger files (400MB). After a while I noticed that files of the old file name got uploaded to my client again from the server with the old name and files with new and old names coexisted in the renamed folder. old folder name luckily didn’t reappear.

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Normally, Nextcloud detects moving and renaming operations and won’t transfer files again. I have seen problems in the past if the connections was interrupted and the client or server couldn’t be sure of the operation and re-transferred the file to be sure (or at least I interpreted it in this way).

If you can reproduce this error, you should first check your logfiles for errors, perhaps something is not configured correctly, you can also try on one of the demo instances:

Unfortunately the whole things is really erratic. The connection shouldn’t be an issue. I am sitting in the same LAN on the same switch all with cables and not over wifi.
I am also not so familiar with linux in order to recover all the log files.

I would start with a small sync folder, if there is a major issue it should be already obvious and because of a few files, the logs are much smaller and the error easier to spot. For the Linux logfiles, you can use any text editor you want. What can be useful is the tail -f /path/to/logfile command which shows you in realtime all the new entries in the file.
Here some starting points for logfiles:

I am having the same problem as described above. Running 11.0.2. What log files should we watch and what log level should be active?

This is from Activity:


I’m having the same problem. Running Nextcloud 11.05, Ubuntu - Client Version 2.3.2.

If I change the name of a file, I end up with two file. One with the new name and the old one. Then I have to wait until the nextcloud client is done scanning to delete the original file name. I did grep the log file searching for one of the file names but there was no entries. What log level should I be using to capture such activity?
Logs that I’m checking are: /var/log/nginx/nextcloud_access_log and nextcloud_error_log

Here’s an update: this problem exists, as well, in the web interface.

I use, Batch Rename Files Tool. You can easily found hier go to and type BatchRenameFiles and check the first result that allows you to quickly rename all the files in a specified directory.

I’m experience a similar issue.

I have moved a folder (containing 13K+ files) from one place to another in directory structure using the web ui, my desktop client detected the move fine, showed the syncing sign but then the green tick appeared quickly and everything looked sync…but a few minutes later it started to resync/redownload everything. The folder itself is a shared folder but it was not moved into another shared folder or anything weird. Just moved it into another normal folder.

The same thing happens when I rename a folder, it reuploads every files.

Using NC 23.0.3, desktop client 3.4.4 on KDE Neon.