Removing Mail Accounts

It does. There are some other reports about this. Basically Horde chokes when it tries to read those :confused:

Did the Remove account action not work?

When I would click on the ‘…’ menu, it would only show for less than a second - not enough time for me to make any selections. I just happened by luck to capture a screen shot of the menu being displayed! Once the menu automatically went away, the ‘…’ menu button was hidden and I would have to refresh the page in order to get it to be displayed again.

Oh, and I think I even know what it is. It’s the time until the request for the account quota returns. And since the account isn’t accessible for Nextcloud I think we get back some bogus that then causes a render error. Could you check the browser console for an error trace?

Well, I’ve already fixed the issue, so I won’t be able to generate a new trace. Also, I don’t know where to get the browser console error trace.

I see, no problem.

You could see the trace if you open the browser developer tools, switch to the console tab and then reproduce the issue one more time.

@Greta ^ looks like we have one more edge case for inaccessible accounts that we have to fix :slight_smile:

v1.9 will have this command: Add delete command to OCC by miaulalala · Pull Request #4556 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub

I have the same trouble: unable to delete an email account.
The menu is not present, nor the account configuration:
Envoi en cours : Capture d’écran 2021-07-07 à 23.41.38.png…

I placed in config.php the following variables thinking of configuring default values, which each new user would be able to modify if necessary.

‘app.mail.accounts.default’ =>
array (
‘email’ => ‘b-----@—.com’,
‘imapUser’ => ‘b-----@—.com’,
‘imapHost’ => ‘’,
‘imapSslMode’ => ‘ssl’,
‘imapPort’=> 993,
‘smtpUser’ => ‘b-----@—.com’,
‘smtpHost’ => ‘’,
‘smtpSslMode’ => ‘ssl’,
‘smtpPort’=> 587,

But the result is the creation of the same IMAP account in Mail for each new user and as this mailbox does not exist I can no longer delete it.

Even the occ command is not operational:
[root @ ....] # sudo -u web1 php occ mail: account: delete 22

Found account with email: b----@—.com
This is a provisioned account which can not be deleted from CLI. Use the Provisioning UI instead.

How to solve this?
Thanks, LC

Use the provisioning UI, as the error says :slight_smile:

I’m closing this thread because the original issue is resolved. Please open a new topic when you need help.