Recover Password from MySQL ibd file

I recently had a server crash and was unable to recover my files from backup, however, I have the frm and ibd files. I’m successfully able to import the entries for the old passwords into the database, into the tables oc_passwords_entity_password and oc_passwords_entity_password_revision from the idb file, but the password app doesn’t recognize them. It either says there is an error or doesn’t show anything. What can I do to re-load the passwords into the database?

Have you looked at this thread: Passwords gone after database migration
or this thread: [passwords] Error: Exception: HMAC does not match

Thanks for the quick reply. I do have a usable backup file, but I can’t find any instructions on how to restore it. Importing the JSON just gives me the error: This seems to be a server backup. It can only be restored using the command line.