Re-use of external Hard drive with data from older nextcloud

Hi guys,

I am running nextcloud 10.x ( can’t reach the server anymore for more details) on a raspberry-pi installation.
I use an external hard drive for data and have done regular backups of the database.

Now I want to reinstall from scratch the nextloud instance with latest sw version.
Can I reuse the data on the hard drive without data loss or should I copy all data first to another external hard drive?

Thx for your help,


To restore a Nextcloud installation there are four main things you need to restore:

  1. The configuration directory
  2. The data directory. …or user the same HDD as data directory.
  3. The database
  4. The theme directory


Only issue is that DB of NC 10 will not work directly in NC 16. If you want to restore not only data from the HDD, but also whole DB, I suggest you should fo upgrade to NC 11 --> 12 --> 13 --> 14 --> 15 and 16. This will let you to convert DB correctly.
Or, if installation is small without tons of shares and users, just do new install and feed it with an old data.

Thx for your prompt response.
My plan is to do a new install, just 3 users, quickly done.
But I want to reuse the hard drive including all data within the folders I used before already for all three users. will that be possible?
That saves me to copy them first (which is not simple as you need a native linux machine, failed several times with Ubuntu on virtual box) and just takes hours.


I do not know your installation exactly, but it is pretty easy if you are not using encryption (otherwise you have to have DB and config backup to restore it).

Just update the config during installation (or read full how to for after installation case):

where /var/www/data-raid is mounting point or location of your older data directory.

P.S. With a new installation you will have new instanceid. After installation you can delete all folders under you data with *-oldInstanceId, e.g. appdata-OLDinstanceid, updater-OLDinstanceid