Post 21.0.1 install - import calendar data from backed up database from 20.0.9

my upgrade to 21.0.1 from 20.0.9 did not go at all well so i have had to do a fresh install.
i have all my files but i’m missing calendar data which i would really like to get back on new install.
have a fresh database backup. not an SQL expert so i would rather not use the command line with mariadb. have access to phpmyadmin. is there a way to restore it?
i see 11 calendar entries in the database. import has a 2MB limit and my DB is 84MB but i obviously don’t need anything other that the calendar data.
debian on apache 2.4.25. php7.4. mariadb 10.5.

Hi, restoring a backup isn’t possible for you?

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What you could do is to create a new database, import the old database backup to that database and export the calendars with the help of a dummy config.php and calcardbackup. Have a look at the section does this work with a broken instance in the calcardbackups’ README for a more detailed walkthrough of the procedure.

In my opinion the best way to import the calendar files to the fresh instance is to import the exported *.ics files to a caldav connected client and let that client sync the calendar to nextcloud.


restoring fully from a backup wasn’t possible with this one. sadly. will need to look at that.

thanks for the info. will check that out.
i will be backing up client versions of the calendars also going forwards.