Portable version of windows desktop client?


A friend of mine is using NextCloud, mainly for the file synchronisation. On her personal computer, she installed the windows client. On her professional one, she can’t install anything, so she uses her browser to “synchronize” manually her files.

For Owncloud I found (but have not tested yet) the two following clients :

My question is simple :

  • Is there a portable version of the desktop windows client ? (I did not find it)
  • If not, is it planned ?
  • Can I safely advise her to use the OwnCloud portable clients ?


did you try just zipping a installed nextcloud client - extract it to the target computer and run the exe file?

Nope, but I will :slight_smile: I didn’t even think of it. Thanks.

This works. The settings are stored in \Users\username\AppData\Local\Nextcloud.
If you don’t want to store something on the computer, you can use the portable owncloud client on an external device. This works, too.

Try this https://github.com/serenitatis/nextcloud-portable

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You can also download the client and open it as archive with e.g. 7ZIP Portable and unzip it to you Program folder except files and folder beginning with a “$” dollar.

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A portable app of Nextcloud Desktop Client is available here : https://portapps.github.io/app/nextcloud-portable/

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Cool, but who is the publisher? It is not one of original NC developers…

I only developed the wrapper (nextcloud-portable.exe) and packaged the original application without modification.

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it works.
Thanks a lot!

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