Planned features for NC 11

On github, there is a topic about new features planned for NC 11:

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I wonder what actuality means in this context. I mean we already have the Spreed app. Anything that makes setup and configuration easier would be sorely welcome.

@Bugsbane It should mean that we aim for a nice integration :slight_smile: refining the UX and make it really part of Nextcloud. It should not feel like a second class citizen :wink:

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Two larger changes will be: the new updater app and the new app store.

A beta version of the new app store is already online, it fills slowly up with apps and can be tested (with your current NC 9 or 10):

There is a first release review:


Is there a cautious ETA for the 11 drop as yet? I cannot wait for the ability to more easily move files around.

I think it was scheduled for the end of this year.

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Excellent, before I suggest it is there any news on a right-click context menu? I’m used to the dropbox one being what we use mostly in work so sorely miss it when coming back to NC.

Just follow the issue on github, it’s not really clear how to implement this:

If you have knowledge of other services, it could be interesting how they solved it, if it is available on all Browsers and how it’s done on mobile devices. Just join the github discussion.

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ETA is Dec 13:

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I figured it was getting close with the betas :slight_smile:

That gives the devs half a month to get 12 out before the end of the year too :stuck_out_tongue:

Follow up (NC 12):