ownCloud 10.0.3 to Nextcloud 12.0.4 error

I am very confused!
I’m trying to migrate from ownCloud to Nextcloud 12.0.4 but get the error:
Current version is 10.0.3.
Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud.

I have been waiting for Nextcloud 12.0.4 as I understood this would support migration from ownCloud 10.0.3.
Am I wrong or am I doing something wrong?

Not yet, you will need to wait for an update.

I am now being pressed to upgrade my ownCloud instance to 10.0.4 and as always there are good security reasons for staying up to date. However, I really want to migrate to Nextcloud. I waited for Nextcloud 12.0.4 because I was told this would provide a supported migration path from ownCloud 10.0.3. It did not (‘Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud’ error). So far the Nextcloud community has not given a clear, definitive answer as to what the problem is or when it might be fixed.

Now, if I upgrade ownCloud to 10.0.4 will this make migration to Nextcloud easier or more difficult? Will the next release Nextcloud support migration from ownCloud 10.0.3 or 10.0.4, both or neither?

@Cliff See other topic about it:

Yes, and see this topic as well: Migrating from ownCloud 10.x to NextCloud 12.x - or not, and if so, how?