Organizational structure of this forum, and News announcements

Haha! Which proves the importance of reducing the number of categories :wink:

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Can you sort them alphabetically please? @tflidd


@jospoortvliet can you help us here?

You mean in the hamburger menu? I don’t think that would help here. I’d remove them from the hamburger menu and turn on the setting Show subcategory list above topics in this category in the :bento: Features & apps category instead.

I mean this menu:


and this one:

Okay, thanks for explaining. I was only referring to the first one. I don’t think sorting alphabetically will help there.

Also, if you meant that only the subcategories should be sorted alphabetically while maintain sort-by-popularity, there is currently no setting for this. You can either sort by popularity or manually (alphabetical sort order is not available, so it would have to be done manually).

As for the second topic list you mention, I don’t really see what the benefit of alphabetical sorting would be, given that there is a search option. In any case, it’s quite a different suggestion than the one in the OP so I’d suggest you open a new topic for that, just to not discuss too many things in one topic.

@tflidd To help move this forward, here is the code you would need to add to your CSS:

.hamburger-panel ul.category-links li.subcategory {
	display: none;

I did already, about 1 year ago or so, but without success.

I have no idea what a hamburger menu should be. Can you explain it please?
Thank you!

The menu that opens when you press the icon with the three horizontal lines is called that because the icon looks a bit like a :hamburger:.

Well, that kinda confirms my impression that the owners of this forum are not putting much effort into maintaining it. Makes me reconsider whether I actually want to switch to Nextcloud. Or what do you say about support and how nextcloud feature requests are handled?

Edit: Well, actually, maybe that reaction was a bit too spontaneous. Perhaps I should ask: was your proposal considered? Because content-wise I actually agree that the current setting is better. So what did you mean by “without success”? Nobody reacted or they decided against it?

Dec. 13, 2016:

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This is done so the apps can link to a specific discussion place on - it might make sense to consolidate them all without the sub categories, I guess. If you think it makes sense… What would be quite hard (I think) is to have separate categories for SOME apps and not for others and have it linked directly from

In either case, it would require some programming on the app store. I can only ask there, not do anything - but the code is open: GitHub - nextcloud/appstore: App Store for Nextcloud and the link to the forums must be there somewhere :wink:

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I just don’t know how to do most of the things you guys ask for :wink:

But I can add this to our CSS:

.hamburger-panel ul.category-links li.subcategory {
	display: none;

In general, if you can tell me what discourse setting to enable/disable etc or CSS to add, I’m happy to do it… I don’t have time to look on the forums super often but I try to keep an eye on this once every other week or so.


Oh, hey, I never realized that was there! Thanks!

I have to admit to being dismayed by the number of emails I have gotten involving people chatting about the latest release. It’s great people are talking about it, but if I want to read about it, I’ll come here; I don’t want my email inundated… So I’m trying to figure out how to turn that off. (It’s not clear what being “invited to a topic is,” you know?)

It WOULD be great if we could opt in to 1st messages about new releases - and forum users could probably stand to automatically get emails from a “security-announce” group. But a whole discussion is a bit much.



The settings you are looking for are at Nextcloud community - Keep your data safe! (also accessible via your user avatar on the top right corner).

@jospoortvliet, that is what I meant when I said:

The site settings you want to change are these:

  1. Remove all categories from default categories watching
  2. Add :gift: Releases to default categories watching first post
  3. Add :newspaper: News to default categories tracking

Depending on what the purpose is with the :newspaper: News category and who’s allowed to create topics in it, you could also put it into default categories watching first post, but as long as anyone can create topics in :newspaper: News, I don’t think it’s a good idea to mail all those posts out to everybody by default.

here’s an idea that just plopped into my mind…

what if #news-category was only for announcing real news and allowing no further discussion about it? so if ppl want to talk about it they could open a new thread in a different category?

that would at least avoid dozens of emails in everyones notificationboxes…

It would be a pity do disallow replies to topics in the news category (after all, news is what we most like to talk about). Luckily, this restriction is not necessary to achieve what you want. If People are watching first post in :newspaper: News, they will only be notified about the news but not about the ensuing discussion. No matter how many replies there are.

awww. well. NOW i got you. and i just changed my settings to exactly that. thanks!

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Two separate categories, #news and #news-announce, the 2nd of which doesn’t allow discussion?

I just checked, I think someone else already did this (?) but I changed it a little - adding ‘releases’ to first post and ‘news’ to categories tracking. Nice tip…

The idea of creating a separate news category is a bit - meh, I like discussion, and our blog should of course allow ppl to reply and discuss :wink:

Who is suggesting a separate news category? You already have a :newspaper: News category.

I’m no sure what you mean by “blog”, but nobody suggested to limit any discussion. So I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

I’m sure you just missed this one.

To weigh in myself, I didn’t like being subscribed to every single post in all :newspaper: News and :gift: Releases threads when I joined, so the change he said was made definitely seems much better. I went so far as to set so I only see the first post in either of those categories, and I visit this site if I’m interested in the discussion.

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