ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud integration roadmap

Hello everyone!

Glad to present a brief roadmap (+ what’s already there) on ONLYOFFICE-Nextcloud integration.

Feel free to share your ideas and opinions!


Hello, will there be any mobile editing available?

I asked the same question on github, here can you see the answer: Nextcloud Android client 3.4.0 RC2 is out

Thanks! Hope they release something in the new year.

Oh yes, an integration of onlyoffice in the iOS and Android Apps of nextcloud would be awesome. Like the new Collabora mobile editing feature.


Are there any future plans to have added support for stylus/pen for users of touch screen laptops and tablets/mobile devices. From notebook styled support for journals and sketches to simple paint intergration within .doc files As seen in programs like I.E(

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Any update on the ETA of OnlyOffice integration in the NextCloud apps (e.g. iOS)? Collobora is antiquated and a resource hog so I moved to OnlyOffice a couple of months ago. The only missing key feature is NextCloud app integration. So excited for this feature to come! :smiley:

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Exciting news:

Also now available in the open source version are pivot tables!


It’s really exciting yes! Thank you