Notification about an "upgrade" to ownCloud 9.1.1 in Nextcloud 10 stable

I’m guessing this is a bug of some sort, but I was quite surprised to get a notification urging me to “upgrade” to ownCloud 9.1.1 today when I signed in to my Nextcloud 10 (stable) installation. Is the Nextcloud updater still checking with ownCloud for updates? Can I just ignore the message?

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It threw me off for 2 minutes. I think there will a patch for this. :slight_smile:

I did a double take as well, I was sure that I installed Nextcloud 10 so it was strange to see. I’m guessing we just ignore it for now but the curiosity in my want to know what “would” happen if I chose to click it -_-

Ignore the message and update to 10.0.1 manually. This is simply a bug in the update message.

Updates from 10.0.1 have fixed this as well as include the new updater from Nextcloud.

That said: Clicking on “upgrade” should do nothing :slight_smile:


Perfect, thank you! Does that mean the upgrade to 10.0.1 will be the last manual one I have to do if I choose? They’re kind of a pain; it’s great news if I can use the updater for future Nextcloud versions!

That’s the plan. Yes. Future updates should work just with a few clicks in the web interface. :slight_smile:


Hi Lukas,
thank you for the hint and your solution.
A little bit strange in this area is the following detail:

within the config.php the version string is:

‘version’ => ‘’,

and in the version.php the strings are:

$OC_Version = array(9,1,0,16);
$OC_VersionString = ‘10.0’;
$OC_Edition = ‘’;
$OC_Channel = ‘stable’;
$OC_VersionCanBeUpgradedFrom = array(9,0);
$OC_Build = ‘2016-08-25T04:01:11+00:00 678fce3c18c6fbed60076764ae98171eae617c05’;

This looks a little bit strange for me.

PS: Please excuse, to use this thread, but it is corresponding directly to the issue from above.
Regards, Axel

These are internal numbers. Do ignore these. 9.1.0 is the internal version number for 10.0.0.

Thank you all; having the same “issue”.

Joking right? So I should manually Update >10 NC instances - again - after manually migrating then from OC to NC?

Is there no smarter solution?

No, the updater had an issue, from 10.0.1 onwards you can update with just one click.
(Btw OC is also affected by the problem and doesn’t have automatic updates working at 10.0.0/9.1.0)

So, I still get those update notifications every few minutes with the desktop client, as well as when logging in. Is this still not fixed? Or do I have to do something? Pretty strange…

You have to manually update from 10.0.0 to 10.0.1