Not receiving NCP update notification

I updated my current NCP installation to v0.28.2 about a week ago. I was visiting the Github page earlier today, and was surprised to see that there have been several releases in the intervening time – I haven’t received any notifications when I login through SSH (which I do several times a day), since the update to 0.28.2. Is this expected behavior?


nothing weird, I pushed like 12 commits together yesterday. I was testing a big batch of changes before pushing.

I pushed like 10 hours ago. The notification can take as much as another day since the day I push. Please, get back to me if you don’t receive it by then. I already recieved myself :wink:

Many thanks for the prompt response. I wound up running the update manually (ncp-update) and had some problems…detailed in a new thread: ncp-update fails from login shell