Not allow user to change password

I’m on 18.0.3

I don’t want that users not in admin group are able to change their password

Please tell me HowTo

Afaik this is not possible by design. I found the following discussion about this function:

If you only want to disable the reset password function, this might be a solution:

I have the same issue. From the discussion, it looks like this is not possible in Nextcloud.

So this is not a bug. Its a “feature” with no workaround.

Starting with v.19 Nextcloud has improved password rules enforcement


What else could be the reason to deny users the ability to change their passwords?

The Nextcloud application is not always the center of the world. There may be a higher level application (other than single sign-on) that manages user accounts across multiple applications.

Can you elaborate on that?

You can implement SSO and use, for example, LDAP users.
With latter, you CAN prevent users from changing passwords. That’s by default!

I may end up having to use LDAP or another SSO application to get around this issue. Using SSO in this problem space is a bit like “using a sledge hammer to swat a fly”. IMHO, most Nextcloud administrators do not have the time or skills required to implement such a solution.
What I believe Witzker is looking for is a simple way to create a “walled garden” for the users of the Nextcloud system he administers. He wants the administrator to be in charge of managing user accounts on Nextcloud installation. Using SSO for this type of functionality is extremely difficult for the average administrator.

Perhaps you can change the password rules in the way that users are not able to find correct passwords. 100 or more chars if nextcloud allows it?

LDAP is very easy to implement (for example, if you already have a Windows DC around).
It isn’t really SSO, just an external user directory…

SSO is a different beast… Even the NC documentation on it is “enterprise support” level…