No previews on shared links after update from version 17 to 18 or 19

Dear community, I am very frustrated with the latest updates. Since update from version 17 to 18, previews of the images with shared links no longer work for me. The same with update 17> 18> 19. If you click on an image with a shared link, only a black image appears.

It works fine with a fresh installation of version 18 or 19. I cannot completely set up my setup again because I cannot replace/loose the shared links. I am a photographer and rely on the existing links. Does anyone know the problem and can help me there?

The log shows no errors, otherwise there is nothing more unusual. I also switched off my own theme as a test, but without success. What can be the cause of the error?

My update procedure for years is the same: backup, data and config folders stay where they are, upload new files, go to the page and update assistant appears. Everything without error messages.

I recently updated another installation I hosted from Nextcloud 13 to version 18 without this error. It’s strange.

Running version 17.0.4

Could be a bug of the Photo Sphere app. Just disable it for testing.

Stay on it for while :wink: