No file structure displayed after updating to 25.0.0rc2

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Hello all,
after an update to 25.0.0RC2 just now, unfortunately no files or no file structure are displayed for me anymore. The Windows client also gives the error that it can no longer access the folder structure. However, you can still access individual files via tricks, for example via the file recommendations. In the Nextcloud app, I can also navigate through the folder structure, but individual folders do not contain data where there should be data in them. Here it seems as if it only accesses the folder structure from the cache.

Additionally, the admin overview shows a data quota of 0 B for all users. In parentheses, however, different file amounts of the users. So for example 89 GB. But I can’t set a quota for the users either.

So it seems that there is a problem with the quota allocation for the users and possibly resulting from this also with the display of the file structure.

What could be the reason for this? What can I do?

Otherwise I could not find any problems. Talk seems to work for example.

Many thanks already.

You can follow the same troubleshooting like for normal versions:

The logfiles should give some indicators. Perhaps it’s just an app that isn’t ready for NC25 and blocking something…

I had the same problem with the rc2 and rc3. It might be different from yours, but in my case it was the 32bit OS on my Raspberry Pi along with the 32bit PHP8.1 I had installed. Version 25+ does not work in a 32bit environment. Switched back to 24+ and things are fine.

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Thank you very much for your help.

I once disabled almost all apps, but the problem still persists.

Since the system analysis actually shows me a warning about the 32 bit system and the log says something about int and float, I can well imagine that this is indeed the problem. I have already changed the Raspberry Pi system to 64 bit and updated php to 8.0, but Nextcloud still shows the message that I am using a 32 bit php version.

Are there 32 bit and 64 bit php versions? If so, how can I switch to a 64 bit version?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about this in my research so far, but will keep looking. Maybe someone has a tip what to do?

Thanks already

I have since found out that my change only changed the kernel to 64bit, not the system. I will now try this guide: Moving from armhf (32bit) to arm64 (Pi 4)

Good to hear that you also found the error. What I did not know: moving from 32bit to 64bit? Maybe there is other Pi4 versions out there with a 64bit processor. Mine tells me that it has a 32bit processor. But reading about the BCM2711, it seems to be a 64bit one. I will have a dig into this later and maybe go 64 then.

I made a backup of my Nextcloud and set up the Raspberry with a new 64bit OS. After that I restored the backup of my NC. Now everything seems to be fine.

Changing the kernel to 64bit is not enough, because the OS remains a 32bit system and accordingly php.

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Thnx Jani21,
that whole thing made me upgrade my Pi4 to the 64bit OS and installed the 25-RC5 on it. Runs like a charm! I think it is even quicker than my Intel NUC Nextcloud install. It was anyways about time to make a clean install on this Pi4, played around with it for years now, and accordingly much trash was installed :slight_smile:


You did a clean fresh install of the Raspberry Pi 64 bit OS?
Just wondering why/for which reason you linked the Moving from armhf (32bit) to arm64 (Pi 4) guide.

Workaround according to Cannot access files after upgrade to Nextcloud 25 - #6 by Kai21 (following the fix which will arrive with NC v25.0.2) seems to work. Upgrading to 64 bit OS of course is the better solution on a medium and long term view.


Yes, I did a clean fresh install of the OS.

I use Nextcloud via NextcloudPi and in the tutorial is well described how to backup before and restore your NextcloudPi and Nextcloud backup after the fresh OS installation. Maybe it helps some people :slight_smile: