No connection to NC after DD-WRT Upgrade


I have NC runnung on a docker system on my Raspi3. It’s been running fine over a couple of month till recently. (a few days I guess)
The only thing I have changed recently was the firmware of my Router. from an old DD-wrt v24 build to the most recent version.
Accessing NC via the WebClient still works fine - but not with the Desktop or the Android version. No matter if I am on 3G or internal.
The Pi is connected via Ethernet and I have no trouble accessing other servers running on it.

What is the best way to get more logging information from the client?

I haven’t upgraded DD-WRT lately, but I do use it and I’m having the same problem. I can’t say that it used to work, because I just set up NC 11 at the end of December. I can access my NC website fine, but the NC Android app returns a connection error when uploading photos. If I disable Wi-Fi on my phone, it’s able to upload the photo. I also tried installing all available beta versions of the Android app, but they all failed to log in with a “The server took too long to respond” message.

Then you are already more lucky than I am. Even on 3/4G there is no way to connect to NC from my phone.
I have a (actually two) NGinx Reverse proxies in between. So there might be timeouts happening there. But again… It worked before and I see no reason why a more recent router firmware screws things up…

I am using self signed certificates for SSL and had no trouble with that before…

I found more logging information on the windows client which was not very helpful though.
An other intresting thing: If I remove my account and add it again - I am able to sync… once. After I restart the client I am back to broken.

I was having this problem some time ago and it was due the brute-force protection. It was rising timeouts as well.

Try looking to the log/database. Clearing the blacklisted addresses was mentioned here:
How can i unblock an IP (blocked through brute force detection)?

I had wondered if there was some sort of blacklisting / throttling enabled since it worked over cellular for me. In my case, I had DAVdroid on several devices with invalid app passwords due to changing the login passwords on a couple of accounts. I didn’t realize that the app passwords get invalidated any time the account password is changed. That could’ve been what got my home IP blacklisted, but I probably didn’t have enough failed logins over cellular to get that IP blacklisted. I noticed and got the accounts straightened out before seeing your response, but I’m still glad to know for sure about the blacklisting and how to unblock an IP. Thanks!

Glad to help.

As I know, the blacklisting system increases the loading period gradually – after every bad login it increases the waiting time and after some tries (think 8), blocks it completely. Some clients have a problem with longer connection time. For me, the browser was slow but functional.