No apps to install

I’m having some problems with the nextcloud, the apps installation page doesn’t have the apps to install anymore, and I’m the application’s adm. Tested on old versions and the most recent, 20.0.0.
It takes a long time to load the page, and when it loads there are no apps to install. Already uninstalled and installed a third time and it continues.

hey @lucasfnds

welcome to the forum for nc-homeusers and thanks for your very first contribution on the project.

maybe there’s a temporary problem with the site… apparently it is difficult at the moment to reach it (see forum)

so I’d suggest to just wait until monday or such and see if the problems will solve itself automatically. if not, pls come back with more infos about your installation.

The site was down yesterday, but is working again today.

well i haven’t had any problems with it, neither yesterday nor today… so all I can do is just guessing

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Not entirely sure this is 100% related, but since my NC instance automatically updated from 19.03 to 19.04 yesterday I no longer have any apps (with the exception of Files, Photos and Activity) and Nextcloud cannot contact the appstore.

The first thing I noticed was on logging in last night to see a message saying my 2FA was not set up, resulting in me having to use a backup code to even log in.

I managed to fix that at the terminal by running:

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ app:enable twofactor_totp

Looking in the event logs all I have today is 5 messages which all say:

[appstoreFetcher] Warning: Could not connect to appstore: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 60005 milliseconds (see

GET /settings/apps/categories
from by infi at 2020-10-11T08:38:27+00:00 also fails to load at the moment from the browser.

All in all, my NC instance is pretty broken at the moment from what should have been a minor update.

@Infidelus don’t hestitate to search the forum for already existig discussions about that… like

would be one to refer to…

Thanks, I did search before posting, but nothing leapt out at me and this one seemed the most relevant at the time.