Nextcloud & Wiki-Server in one Login/Installation

Hi there,

yet another end user question :wink:

I have - with the help of this forum - successfully set up a nextcloud for our company, everything so far so good.

We also have a small wiki installation running somewhere else which is basically for the same usergroup.

Now, everybody needs to have two passwords and user accounts etc, so I was wondering: is there a way to implement the wiki access into nextcloud? Is there a wiki app for nextcloud? would it be possible to configure it in a way that when you log into the nextcloud you are logged into the wiki as well? (login into wiki of course is necessary to keep the internal information on ourselves)



Nextcloud supports both LDAP and SAML authentication from a centralised authentication server. Would that be something to coniser?

Yes, that Ia m also trying to implement.
I am using now lemonldap-ng as saml frontend for nextcloud:

and want to install later a wiki system (mediawiki with bluespice extension)

There is potential in this PHP-based Wiki designed for being shared across multiple machines.