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In Nextcloud 10, there was a great module that would shorten urls for shared files. In 11 this went away. Is there plans to bring this module back? This is a great feature, and I would love to see it come back.




This was not in Nextcloud, but in the ownCloud app store. :wink:

This app (Shorty) is no longer maintained and may not be compatible with the current Nextcloud version.

Totally agree this feature would definitely be useful.

I just found out (it was not in the Nc’s compatible apps) but even worst… The whole Github developper’s account doesn’t exists anymore!! ;(

Edit: Woops, read too fast this topic probably about the Shorten app, while I was talking about the Share Renamer app! By the way, a fork was done here on Github for this particular app.

Hey !

I am thinking about working on it, to create an app which allow to create url shortcuts for any url like

I will surely use what you shared :slight_smile:

The app already exists, but it needs to be added to the official Nextcloud app store. Hi @e-alfred can you share thoughts since you’ve contributed some code to this project.

Hmm: maybe username here is @alfred

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@NastuzziSamy, @just and @alfred: any news on this nice project? It would be definitely useful. Thanks!

I just forked it sometime ago (because the original dev deleted everything), but there is a far more advanced fork here:

And the app is in the store for quite some time now:


Great! Thank you so much. that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Well, it’s not meant to be a real URL shortener, but can be used like that.

Let me know if there are features missing or you have any issues with this app.


Thanks you very much! I will try your app

integrating POLR would be a nice to have

Has anyone integrated either polr or yourls with NC?

No, they have not. :frowning: But, you can use the Nextcloud share renamer app, assuming you are still on Nextcloud 17. No support for v18 yet. I would love to have YOURLS integration!

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Running version 18 so I guess I will just have to wait for someone to either update Share renamer or provide polr or yourls integration.

You’ll definitely want to submit a feature request as I don’t believe either has ever been mentioned on the server Github. They would be added as external apps, so devs will be hopeful you’ll code it yourself. Worth submitting either way.

I closed the feature request at nextcloud/server. A url shortener is a useful function. The app ideas category here is the right place for such a request. I don’t see a url shortener as a core feature.

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+1000 to Share Renamer

+1 YOURLS (preferred since better tracking stats/etc) or POLR

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Wrote my own outside Nextcloud with .htaccess, mini php-bookmark-editor and mini-php-script. In Nextcloud would be nice again. But works for me.

+1 YOURLS here, too