Nextcloud Talk documentation?

Is there any documetation for Nextcloud Talk yet?


Not really, was missing this as well. But within local network it should run out of the box. For external calls you most probably need a TURN server, like coturn. I am missing official configuring recommendations for this as well, but this one covers everything needed:

I will write some howto about this :slight_smile: found some other possibilities to add dh parameter etc. if you want it damn secure. But the configuration file of coturn is also well self explained by the comments/settings names.

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@MichaIng Thanks in advance for the Howto! :slight_smile:

Here is where I was a bit lost as a first time user of this app:

  • After installation the home screen asks for a “server address” and I was wondering what exactly was required: Just the server address - with/without https - with/without a specific slug? An example like or would have been helpful.

  • At first I didn’t understand who I could invite for a call and how to invite users who are on a different Nextcloud, if it would work by typing in the user address like

  • I invited a guest by sending him a link, but he could not join the call. It turned out that browsers on his iPhone (iOS) aren’t supported yet.

I hope those experiences/questions help you for the Howto.

For the server address issue shown above, would it make sense to show an example address as a placeholder in the input field of the app?

Took a while, but HowTo is there now :slightly_smiling_face:: HowTo: Setup Nextcloud Talk with TURN server

I made some clarification about the STUN and TURN addresses, which should be entered without any http(s):// or other protocol prefix, just the bare domain:port.

I did not intend to make a Talk usage guide. This would make it way too complex and this should be done as a separate HowTo or better documentation within Nextcloud Talks github wiki or e.g..
This should concentrate on why and how to setup the coturn correctly.


What a great contribution - thanks a lot for your effort to write this detailed HowTo for the Nextcloud community!

Would it make sense to refer to it from the official app page (

I would be opened of course. I also think this (I mean the information inside) would be great at a more prominent place, as TURN is such an important topic with WebRTC and so many issues/threads are opened about this.
But a HowTo here is already a real improvement to sum up all the other threads and being able to combine knowledge/experience there.

Not sure how to directly commit/send PR to the app page. But I could make a start by adding it to spreed github wiki as markdown. Also I will take some time to reread and check for mistakes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

But a HowTo here is already a real improvement to sum up all the other threads and being able to combine knowledge/experience there.

It truly is!

GitHub is a good place to start, thanks a lot Micha!

(It might be a bit off topic: From the standpoint of an ordinary user it’s quite confusing to find support information for Nextcloud’s apps as it is dispersed to forum pages, app/support pages and wikis on github. It would be great if information could be centralised in order to make things simple (user expericence, content management, etc). From within the apps there should be a link to the respective help page on the Web. For iOS I just added issue #90 on GitHub.)

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